Echo Summer Hill is a multidimensional guide here on a mission to help raise the consciousness of the planet by leading women back HOME to their power and sovereignty.

Echo is the creatrix of Soul Up™ and The Soul Up Movement which is an International Spiritual Ascension Vortex for the Priestesses, Goddesses and Queens of the world here to raise the consciousness of the planet through light activations and alchemical healing. She guides women on their ascension paths to true Mind, Body, Soul and Business Alignment.

She is also a divine feminine leader who mentors high achieving women to help them build empires without the hustle and burnout. She focuses on creating legacy with women that they can be proud of from a Soul aligned place for massive expansion. She holds the powerful codes of The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine for the perfect blend of Soul & Structure.

She plays in the 12D and beyond to help women RISE! 

Echo is the master at guiding women through unblocking limiting beliefs and helping them activate their superpowers and magic so that they can elevate their lives and businesses to new realms of creation and abundance.

She is here as a unique guide, mentor and alchemist for all of those drawn to her bright and fierce light.


Soul & Business Mentorship 

    Rolling Access Voxer + 

Bi-Weekly Calls Upon Request

Access to Ascend Mastermind
Bi-Weekly Zooms

All Access to Paid Programs & Paid Mastery Sessions, + A Year of The Soul Up Membership. 

3 Month Container -
$5,555 monthly payments or $15k PIF.

6 Month Container-
$5,555 monthly or $30k PIF

See the 12 Month Container below

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The Metamorphosis 

This is the ALL IN, Year Long Journey with me as we explore the depths of your soul while navigating the ascension and leaps you’re ready to make in your life and business. 

This is the journey of a lifetime where the transformations to your highest timeline are infinite as we alchemize all that’s keeping you from those upper dimensions of creation. 

During our time together we will not only scale your business but work together on creating an unstoppable force of power that exudes from you for a lifetime and all those to come. 

You will learn to harness and utilize your Divine Feminine Essence while dancing with the Divine Masculine in tango. 

In this container there are no glass ceilings because we have already broken through…it’s from here that we float into the ethers of pure potentiality to create the life of your dreams. 

When you claim your spot for The Metamorphosis you get access to all I create for an entire year. EVERY program, class, transmission, memberships, etc.  

Rolling Voxer Mentorship + Bi-Weekly Calls + Access to Ascend Mastermind Bi-Weekly Zooms. 

The Metamorphosis also includes one 3 Day VIP FIRST CLASS Weekend Trip with me where we will anchor in our journey together and create magic as we dive into a luxurious intensive weekend of expansion and ascension. After 3 months of creating magic together, we will plan our trip.

This experience is only $5,555 monthly or 60k PIF. 

If this calls to your soul, please apply below and we will see if our magic is meant to co-create together at this level.

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Superpower Activations

1:1 Superpower Activation Session with 5 Day Voxer Integration Support

In this intimate session, we will dive deep together in order to activate your magic!

Energetic exchange is $1,777

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The Soul Up Movement 

Spiritual Ascension Vortex

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  • Monthly masterclasses
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