Soul Up is a Spiritual Ascension VORTEX for the Priestesses, Goddesses and Queens of the world ready to connect deeper with their true essence, so that they can live out the life of their dreams in all ways, Mind, Body, Soul & Business. 

In Soul Up you receive energetic upgrades and light activations to help you always align to the highest frequency available to you in this now moment. You explore a deepening of your soul's mission so that you can access new levels of consciousness and ascend to higher dimensions. 

When you join us in Soul Up you are instantly launched into a portal of power and creation with other powerful women from around the world on a similar  yet unique mission. 

Alchemical, Ancestral and Generational healing are at the forefront of all we do so that we can break the chains that have once bound us in lower vibrations in this lifetime. 

You get to access your new realms in Soul Up with a plethora of ancient codes, wisdom and knowledge from a powerful mentor with a mission to walk this path with you.  

We are here to do the work for the collective as the Priestesses, Goddesses and Queens in physical form, that most aren’t willing to do in order to help take the consciousness of the planet up, one soul at a time…our own. 

We are not here to play small and hide our light. It is time for us to shine more brightly than ever before and that starts with knowing our power from the inside out. We no longer have to fear being burned at the stake. The world is READY for us! 

Love is the only truth and the more we fall in love with ourselves and all we came here to be, the more we have to give the world. 

If you feel a called to join us in this world renowned mission, we would be honored to have you as one of the magical women in this container. 

We look forward to being in your energy and you in ours. 

**This is a 12 month commitment to you, your ascension path and your soul's mission. Cancelations or refunds do not apply.  

Paid In Full



  • ALL ACCESS to all of Echo's Paid Programs and Masterclasses!!!! 
  • Monthly Live Channeling Sessions and Transmissions to activate your light bodies, align your chakras and clear your divine channels of communication. 
  • Monthly LIVE Group Coaching via Zoom or FB + interactive Zooms
  • Core Soul Up Masterclasses 
  • Instant Access to over 40 masterclasses,
    teachings & channelings.
  • All Access Pass To "Soul Up TV" 
  • Soul Up Guide eBooks 
  • Soul Up Journal eNotebook 
  • Monthly Meditations Module
  • Soul Up Affiliate Program
  • Sacred Community of Love & Support
  • New Soul Up Movement Coffee Mug

Payment Plan

$222 monthly


  • Everything is the same if you Pay in Full or if you do the payments plan, the only difference is you save money with PIF. But the 12 month commitment is still the same. We just want to give the opportunity to pay over time for that that need that assistance. 

When you Pay In Full

you will receive
The Brand New 
Soul Up Movement Coffee Mug


As a member of The Soul Up Movement, you get ALL ACCESS to all of Echo's Paid Programs and Masterclasses!!!! 

Monthly Channeling Sessions & Activations

Monthly Live Channeling Sessions and Transmissions to activate your light bodies, align your chakras and clear your divine channels of communication. 

Core Master Trainings

Core Soul Up Masterclasses; each designed to coach you through diving deeper into new layers of your healing & soul guided journey. The video Masterclasses will be where you gain in depth coaching and guidance from Echo as she goes through the 7 life practices that are imperative to master to get you into alignment and manifest the life you desire.

Instant Access to over 40 masterclasses, teachings and channelings.

Over the last few years Echo has given invaluable lessons and transmissions and they are all in your Soul Up Portal for instant access through out several modules.
You could spend infinite time soaking up all of the codes

{LIVE} monthly group coaching via Zoom or FB.

Each month you will have access to Echo inside the *Members Only* Group where she will coach members on how to live a SOUL UP lifestyle through ever changing current affairs & shifts that occur in our world. Real-time, raw, LIVE coaching.

"Soul Up Guide" EBooks

Each Masterclass comes with it's own beautifully and thoughtfully curated Ebook, designed specifically for covering the Masterclass core training topic. These ebooks are called the "Soul Up Guide" and will be a resource you can refer to over and over again. It truly is timeless. Having an outline to follow for each of the Masterclass's is what will take you further with your experience and is a way to expand your learning with the additional tools and resources listed inside each guide.

Monthly Meditation Module 

Every month you will receive a new meditation plus have access to all of Echo's meditation in one spot! These meditations were intentionally created to act as a tool, taking you deeper into your Soul Up journey and helping you get centered around your experiences in life and the outcome you are creating.

All Access Pass to "Soul Up TV"

Unrestricted on-demand access to an entire library of coaching sessions, masterclasses & other learning content Echo creates for living the Soul Up life. 

Soul Up Journal Notebook

A digital "Journaling Notebook" intended to be used as a resource for connecting on a deeper level with your soul. This "Journal Notebook" will help solidify your intentions along the journey and give you the opportunity to visualize the transformation you want to have. Let your pen guide you. 

Soul Up Affiliate Program

As a Soul Up Member:

Know someone who wants to join The Soul Up Movement?

Share with them your Soul Up Affiliate link & you will earn 10% commission back from their enrollment!!! You will get access to this once you enter the vortex.